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Eye-roller study: Easter eggs bad for environment and global warming

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER and the “everything is bad, because we say so” department. One wonders if they’d be happy with Tofu eggs. Probably not.

Planet killing eggs, ready to release greenhouse gases

Is your Easter egg bad for the environment?

With Easter fast approaching, the thought of chocolate is probably on all our minds, but could the UK’s love of chocolate be having a damaging effect on the environment?

A recent study by researchers at The University of Manchester and published in the journal Food Research International has looked at the carbon footprint of chocolate and its other environmental impacts. It has done this by assessing the impacts of ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging and waste.

The study estimates that the UK chocolate industry produces about 2.1m tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) a year. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of the whole population of a city as large…

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