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FFfPP — Bland Diet

This, That, and The Other

40771F6B-4E26-48CF-840E-F9B4F672EECB“I used to be able to eat like that,” Marc said, pointing to the waiter who was carrying a platter with a huge, mouthwatering burger and a bucket of crispy French fries to the table next to theirs. “Now look at me. I’m eating like a goddam rabbit,” he added, looking down at his salad.

“But you know what the doctor said,” his wife, Patti, said. “Do you want to have another heart attack?”

“Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living if you can’t eat what you enjoy,” Marc said. “My diet consists of salad and rice cakes, for crissake. I am not even supposed to add salt to give the crap I’m allowed to eat any taste.”

“I can fix healthy meals for you at home,” Patti said.

“But the kind of meals you’d fix for me are tasteless,” Marc told his wife. “How can you expect me…

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Low Carb Low Fat Diet

Kitt O'Malley

Forbidden Foods

Saw my internist today. Here’s my new diet regimen to lower my triglycerides: 100 gram carbohydrates per day, 60 grams fat day, no more than 5 nuts (preferrably walnuts), no olive oil (save 1 tablespoon to pan fry), no coconut oil, no cheese, no red meat, no pasta, no rice, and no bread.

Wish me luck! I’ve already been using the LoseIt! app to track what I eat for weight loss along with fellow mental health blogger Dyane Harwood and my husband.

There’s a good reason doctors want to meet with you to discuss lab results. See, when you download them yourself, you may misread the results, like I did. I got all worried for nothing. My internist said that my liver panel was fine.

She suspected lab error for my high potassium level.

Often a report of high blood potassium isn’t true hyperkalemia. Instead, it may be caused by…

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The Oral Surgery/Heart Attack/Vegan Diet


If you meet me, you will think I’m a healthy woman. I’m 64 years old, but don’t feel that way at all. I’m always unpleasantly shocked when I glance in the mirror and think who is that person?

Now that I’ve stopped coloring my hair (I always felt uncomfortable pouring chemicals on my head….I mean really….society makes us think we need to do that?), and it’s much more salt than pepper, I do look more my age.

Many people think I’m a little younger than 64, though.  I tell them it’s because I’m immature.

Anywho, the point I’m taking a long time to make is that while I usually look healthy, on paper I’m old and unhealthy.

I’ve had 4 small strokes (TIAs), have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, some kidney craziness and have a couple of other health issues that I don’t feel like talking about here (depression type…

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Workout/Diet Updates & My Activewear Favorites

Signe Hansen

It been a little while since Sean and I began our weight loss journey and I must admit that I am super proud of how well we’ve been able to keep up with it.  Just about a month ago we started the keto diet and about a week after that, we began exercising regularly doing both Shaun T. – Insanity Max 30 and P90X3 workouts every day. Since then a lot has happened so I thought I would share with you a small progress update and our experiences with the whole thing so far as well as share with you some of my favorites when it comes to workout gear and equipment.

First off we are not on keto anymore. We stopped a couple of days ago in preparation for future travels and tours because it is insanely hard to eat out when you’re on keto. We experienced that firsthand…

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Dare to Diet

Just another weight loss story

When the Instagram filters fail, everyone starts looking for that new diet to give them that desired 6 pack.

6 Types of dieters

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you: “Are you on diet”, oh yes, which diet do you follow”?

Just for a moment, imagine if you could respond with number 4? Just picture the look you will get! Also, they will never ask you again.

1. The “balls to the wall” dieter

Like Sue is trying to cut out all one night stands, you trying to cut out all food except for Ice.

Cutting all calories to lose weight fast, will not only help you lose the unwanted kilograms, but it will also help you lose vital bodily functions and your will to live.

Solution: Don’t do it

Insert: Not sure who Sue is? Go read this article now!

2. The Gullible dieter

Every fad diet…

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Avoiding Boredom on a Low-Carb Diet

Diabetes Diet

Yawnsville. I’m so bored of gazelles…

Boredom is the enemy of healthy eating, right? It’s easy to be enthusiastic five days into low-carb dieting, but 20 days later? Not so much.

I suffer from this myself. Sometimes, you long to nose-dive into a gigantic bowl of crisps. Or scarf down eight slices of bread, covered in butter. Here are some ideas for keeping boredom at bay.

Do try out lots of different recipes. Most of us rotate the same meals week in/week out. When you’re restricting what you’re eating, that’s a double whammy. We’ve lots of suggestions here, but the Grand Daddy of diabetes-friendly recipes is The Diet Doctor. There, you’ll find various carb counts, vegetarian choices, fish, meat and eggs ideas in abundance.

Look for different texture. Low-carb foods can lack crunch. (Think crisps, crackers and more.) Pork rinds are crunch-tastic. Make them yourself by cutting…

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Short rant about diets


I’m off of Twitter and Facebook, so my blog is starting to become my go-to rant spot once again.

This morning it’s Jane Brody that’s got me ranty, with her unbelievably incoherent take on exercise and diets:

More Fitness, Less Fatness

Let me give you my snarky summary of this piece:

  1. Diets don’t work.
  2. People are beginning to understand this.
  3. They’re starting to accept their bodies as they are and go on with their lives.
  4. This makes Jane Brody feel bad for them, because they really should feel bad for themselves.
  5. Turns out people should exercise instead of diet to be healthier.
  6. But Jane Brody suggests they should diet too, even though it doesn’t work.
  7. Jane Brody concludes by entitling the piece to imply exercise makes people lose weight even though there’s plenty of evidence that it doesn’t.

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